Why Keyword Research Is the Most Important Step of SEO

When it comes to SEO, everybody says that keyword research is the most important step. You should be doing this even before you register your website. This will help you decide whether you should enter a niche or not.

And not just that, it will also help you decide how much investment it will take on your part to rank your website and see results. Then you can decide whether you should move forward with that project or not. If you think you can afford to invest that much amount and wait for that long to rank your website on the first page, then you can move forward with it.

If not, then you keep looking until you find a niche that works for your budget.

Think of keyword research like your online marketing blueprint. This research will help you decide what keywords you should target, how much ROI you can expect from it and go from there.

It makes the entire process of driving traffic and sales more efficient than if you did SEO without any keyword research.

Then why don’t everyone does keyword research?

It’s a question I ask myself everyday.

Maybe it is because of laziness or they just don’t know how much effort they should be putting into this.

Keyword research is the step that can make or break a marketing campaign. So if people don’t take it seriously, they will end up losing their entire marketing budget and chalk that loss up to “SEO doesn’t work”.

But here’s the thing, keyword research doesn’t have to be hard. Nor it should take you hours to find the best keywords that you can start targeting.

The problem most people face, is the lack of understanding. The lack of understanding about long-tail low competition keywords that they should be targeting.

The thing is, people that do SEO are really smart people. And the problem with being smart is that they make things unnecessarily complicated. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Long tail keywords is where the money is

99% of the people want to rank for short tail, famous industry related keywords when they think about doing SEO for their website.

That is not the right way to go about it.

Not only will that take them years to even get to the first page, almost everyone else in their industry is going for those keywords. So it doesn’t make sense to compete for a keyword that everyone else is already going for.

Instead, they should go for long tail versions of those keywords that less people are targeting. They will rank easily for those keywords and will also be able to see an ROI quicker.

That will help them believe more in the process of SEO and reinvest that ROI to rank for more keywords and bring in more traffic or qualified leads.

So what are long tail keywords?

For me to explain that, I will have to explain what short tail keywords are.

Let’s say you were looking for an SEO company in Memphis. So you went on Google and searched for “Memphis SEO”

That is a short tail keyword. These keywords are usually 1-2 words long.

Another example of a short tail keyword is: running shoes, bowling shoes, beginner bikes, etc.

These are all short tail keywords and are highly competitive.

Long tail keywords are keywords that are 3-7 words long.

Here’s an example: best seo expert in Memphis Tennessee.

Ranking for that keyword is much easier than ranking for “Memphis SEO”. Not only that, people that are searching for the keyword “best seo expert in Memphis Tennessee” are very serious about finding an SEO expert for their website.

So the chances of you signing up that client is much higher.

You know the intention of the person searching for that keyword. You don’t know the intention of the person searching “Memphis SEO”.

Maybe they are just window shopping. Or maybe they just wanted to see how many SEO experts are there in Memphis.

Summing it up

I know keyword research sounds like a simple concept. And it really is if you want it to be. It all depends on what you make of it. If you think that it is a very complicated process to find the best keywords, then you will always have a hard time coming up with the right keywords.

If you think that it is the best way to get started, and you have an efficient process in place, then you will have fun.

Me, personally, I LOVE doing keyword research because I feel like it is like the game treasure hunt. You keep digging until you find a treasure and then you make tons of money. Once you know you’ve found a goldmine, and you know how to do proper SEO, there’s nothing that can stop you from making bank.

It all depends on your imagination and how far you are willing to let it take you.

Now go make some money!

What Flowers Keep Bugs Out of the Garden?

Having your own garden can be a source of joy in an otherwise chaotic world. Being able to grow beautiful flowers and keep plants alive is therapeutic – not to mention most gardens can increase the land value of your home! But there’s just one problem: pests. Pesky bugs that eat away at your plants and leave them to rot. Bugs that eat other beneficial creatures so your garden is left a weedy mess.  

If only these bugs knew to stay away from your precious plants! 

Thankfully, there are some flowers that can act as a great line of defense against these unwanted insects. Below, you’ll find the best flowers that keep bugs away for good. Plus, they make for beautiful arrangements! 

1. Marigolds 

This cheery golden flower is not only something great to look at when you wake up in the morning, but it also repels insects with its natural scent. This is because marigolds contain a chemical compound known as pyrethrums which bugs truly hate. You can put marigolds around the edges of your garden so the plants within will stay protected. You can also plant marigolds near the areas where you like to eat or relax, especially because it will always keep the bugs away. To us, marigolds are pretty little flowers, but to the bugs, marigolds are like a wall of fire. You should also check out one of the best flower delivery services in Mumbai. Click on the link and check them out. 

2. Geraniums 

Beautiful geraniums come in a variety of colors and they emit a very pleasant smell. Well…it’s pleasant for us. For the bugs, not so much. Geraniums are experts at repelling harmful insects such as grasshoppers, mosquitos, and the occasional praying mantis. You can plant them anywhere in your garden, from the borders and edges to the very heart of your little paradise, as the petals look great next to any other kind of flower.  

3. Petunias 

Petunias are another beautiful and colorful flower that looks great in any kind of garden. They are found in array of bright and vibrant colors, and they thrive particularly well in areas where they can reach lots of sunlight. They can help get rid of plenty of pesky bugs like aphids and the beetles that like to eat away at healthy plants. What’s more, petunias are rated as non-toxic by the ASPCA and therefore can be eaten by your pets without making them sick.   

4. Chrysanthemums 

Chrysanthemums are similar to marigolds in that they also contain the compound known as pyrethrums, making them expert defenders against invading bugs. Not only is pyrethrums repelling to bugs because of its smell, but also because it is highly poisonous to many species of insects. If you’re trying to get rid of bigger pests like roaches, or smaller pests like ants and fleas, this would be the perfect flower to plant in your garden.  

Take Care of Your Garden Today!  

Any of these four flower species can form a solid barrier around your garden, protecting it from the bugs you don’t want hanging around. They are all beautiful and they are available in many different colors so you can get as creative as you want. Your garden will continue getting more and more beautiful, while the pests will be a thing of the past! 

2 Tips for Gifting Flowers to Your Girlfriend

So you think that it is time that you gifted her flowers? She is the special one and you have worked very hard for this. Then you have come to the right place. I remember back in the day when me and my husband used to work at our flower shop and guys used to come in and ask about the type of flowers that would be appropriate to gift to their girlfriends. It was such a sweet thing to do.

Before we get into the specifics, we need to make sure that you are at the right stage in your relationship to give these appropriate flowers. Because every stage requires a different kind of flower.

If you’ve been going out on a few dates, then you would give her a different flower than the one that you would give on your first date.

Another question that you need to ask is whether this is a special occasion or are you giving it to her out of the goodness of your heart. If you’re looking for a list of the best roses that you can purchase.

The Dates Scenario

So if this is your first date and you want the flowers to be delivered to your girl before she goes out on the date with you, then it would be best if you just gave her a small bouquet of mixed seasonal flowers. These are nothing extravagant, but they are pretty enough that would make her feel special.

On the other hand, if you have been going out for a while, then you should go for a medium or a large bouquet of flowers wrapped in cello or a vase depending on where you are bringing the flowers. If you are sending the bouquet to her house or apartment, then go for a vase that would make it look much more beautiful.

But if you guys would be going to many places throughout the date, then it would be better if you just went for a single rose or a corsage because that would get rid of the hassle of dragging the bouquet across the town through the entire date.

Remember, you just want her to give a reminder of how much you care about her, you don’t want her to dread that you bought a bouquet that she now has to drag across the town for 3 hours.

Never Go for a Red Rose on a First Date!

I know this is a cliché that has been prevalent in tons of Hollywood movies. But those are just movies, a red rose on a first date is just too much for a girl and you might come off as desperate. Your best bet is to go for yellow or pink roses that symbolize friendship, joyfulness and appreciation.

Also, you should read up on the meaning of every different color of rose. That will give you a better insight on what color of rose you should be gifting her.

How to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

Flowers are a living thing, and there are several things you can do to make sure that they blossom and live as long as they can.

It is always an exciting moment when you receive a bouquet of beautiful flowers. But the disappointment starts when they start decaying just a day or two later. Ideally, you would want them to last at least a week before you decide that they don’t fancy you.

So, here are a couple of things that you can do to achieve that.

Keeping Fresh Water in the Vase

This is such a simple, yet very important thing that most people forget. Flowers need water as much as us, humans do. And just by making sure that there is clean and fresh water in the vase, you will extend the lives of these flowers.

Ideally, you would want to change the water in the vase every day. But if you are a busy person, you can change the water every other day and you’d still extend the life of those flowers.

One thing you should make note of, is that you should completely get rid of the old water and replace it with new water. You shouldn’t just add new water into the old water. That will defeat the whole purpose of it.

In addition to changing the water, you can also take out the entire bouquet out of the vase, and cut about ¼ of an inch from the end of each stems. This will allow the flowers to easily draw in water. This is best to do when you are changing the water.

So the entire routine would be perfect if you are changing the water every other day.

Avoid Exposing Them to Too Much Heat

If you live in a hot area, like California or Arizona, you want to make sure that the flowers are inside and they are not exposed to too much heat because too much heat will cause the flowers to wilt. This is one of the main reasons why you see that florists have large coolers where they keep flowers and cuttings.

Ideally, you should keep them in a place where there is air-conditioning on at all times. If that is not possible, the second best thing would be to keep them as far away from radiators, stoves, sunny windows, etc. as possible.

You can also go extreme and keep them in the refrigerator if you want. But then you would have to change the temperature in the fridge because usually, these temperatures are too low for flowers.

Remove Dying Leaves and Drooping Flowers

This is more of an aesthetic tip than an extending the life tip. But if you’re trying to increase the life-span of the flowers, I’m assuming that you want them to look as good as possible.

So if there are any dying leaves or drooping flowers, you should cut them off. And move the remaining flowers and leaves into a smaller vase.

Why Delivering Flowers is a Great Way to Surprise Your Loved Ones

It doesn’t matter what situation you are in, flowers are always a great way to surprise people (Yes, I meant both, men and women). You do not need to spend hours remembering what kinds of things they love or have requested from you in the past. You can never go wrong with flowers.

Think about the time when you just got into a relationship with someone and you didn’t know what they would like to receive as a gift. Just get flowers and you will be alright.

So now you might be thinking, “Great point Paula. But which flower should I gift them?”

Good question.

If you are ever confused about that, just go with roses. They symbolize love and passion. And who doesn’t like some of that in their relationship.

But before you go ahead and pull the trigger on that decision, you need to make sure that you are gifting these flowers to the right person. If it is a colleague at your work place, then it probably wouldn’t be a great idea to gift them roses because that might send a wrong signal. In that case, you might want to go with something friendly, yet intimate, like a yellow rose, or an orange rose, etc.

That way, you will be able to keep things friendly, yet they will remember that you gifted them something special. It will be a win-win situation. And you also didn’t have to spend hours researching and going through their social media to find out that ONE thing that they love the most.

One the other hand, if you are going through a difficult period of time in your relationship and you want to liven up the things, you should go with lilies, which are the flowers of reconciliation of the lovers. These can send a strong signal that you are open to move forward and make things interesting and spontaneous again if they are as well.

I have seen so many men go for lilies and they were happier than ever. Their relationships just took a U-turn and the next thing you know, they are going out for a weekend trip and having an amazing time.

While this might be a great advice if you are looking to save some time, you also want to make sure that you at least do enough research to know that the other person does not have any allergies from flowers. Because the last thing you would want, is them having an allergic reaction to a beautiful flower you gifted them.

So, keep that in mind and you will be alright.

The Time Is Now!!

It’s been a while since we have posted anything on the website, and it is time that we started providing you with the best fantasy flowers that you have ever imagined.

Our primary goal is to deliver happiness and fond memories to our readers so that they remember us during the good time. It is important that you are happy because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. Happiness is what we all seek in this world.

So let’s work together to bring that happiness in all of our lives.