What Flowers Keep Bugs Out of the Garden?

Having your own garden can be a source of joy in an otherwise chaotic world. Being able to grow beautiful flowers and keep plants alive is therapeutic – not to mention most gardens can increase the land value of your home! But there’s just one problem: pests. Pesky bugs that eat away at your plants and leave them to rot. Bugs that eat other beneficial creatures so your garden is left a weedy mess.  

If only these bugs knew to stay away from your precious plants! 

Thankfully, there are some flowers that can act as a great line of defense against these unwanted insects. Below, you’ll find the best flowers that keep bugs away for good. Plus, they make for beautiful arrangements! 

1. Marigolds 

This cheery golden flower is not only something great to look at when you wake up in the morning, but it also repels insects with its natural scent. This is because marigolds contain a chemical compound known as pyrethrums which bugs truly hate. You can put marigolds around the edges of your garden so the plants within will stay protected. You can also plant marigolds near the areas where you like to eat or relax, especially because it will always keep the bugs away. To us, marigolds are pretty little flowers, but to the bugs, marigolds are like a wall of fire. You should also check out one of the best flower delivery services in Mumbai. Click on the link and check them out. 

2. Geraniums 

Beautiful geraniums come in a variety of colors and they emit a very pleasant smell. Well…it’s pleasant for us. For the bugs, not so much. Geraniums are experts at repelling harmful insects such as grasshoppers, mosquitos, and the occasional praying mantis. You can plant them anywhere in your garden, from the borders and edges to the very heart of your little paradise, as the petals look great next to any other kind of flower.  

3. Petunias 

Petunias are another beautiful and colorful flower that looks great in any kind of garden. They are found in array of bright and vibrant colors, and they thrive particularly well in areas where they can reach lots of sunlight. They can help get rid of plenty of pesky bugs like aphids and the beetles that like to eat away at healthy plants. What’s more, petunias are rated as non-toxic by the ASPCA and therefore can be eaten by your pets without making them sick.   

4. Chrysanthemums 

Chrysanthemums are similar to marigolds in that they also contain the compound known as pyrethrums, making them expert defenders against invading bugs. Not only is pyrethrums repelling to bugs because of its smell, but also because it is highly poisonous to many species of insects. If you’re trying to get rid of bigger pests like roaches, or smaller pests like ants and fleas, this would be the perfect flower to plant in your garden.  

Take Care of Your Garden Today!  

Any of these four flower species can form a solid barrier around your garden, protecting it from the bugs you don’t want hanging around. They are all beautiful and they are available in many different colors so you can get as creative as you want. Your garden will continue getting more and more beautiful, while the pests will be a thing of the past!